Matthew C.
Great omakase with a warm, inviting atmosphere. We dined here during Kaiyo's soft opening, and we were very impressed with the quality of the food and the staff's hospitality. The otoro, unagi, and wagyu with uni were standouts. Really enjoyed the homemade dessert, as well.
Tiffany K.
I've never had more attentive service anywhere, the omakase experience was great and the price is completely doable. Great ambiance as well.
Personally I am a huge fan of raw oyster and this decent place provides exactly what I crave for, very fresh, kindly chewy oyster meat. Staffs and the chefs were very friendly and good service is the most important for any Omakase experience! Definitely will come back.
Chloe Pan
I came here during Kaiyo's soft opening, and was extremely pleasantly surprised. I selected the 18-course, and with each piece practically melting in my mouth, it was clear that every piece was made with only the freshest ingredients. The service was also attentive, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about each piece that was served. I ended with the special they offer called "The Pop Under the Atlantic," and this one was simply a chef's kiss, with both visual and gustatory surprises. Though the exterior may make it easy to miss as you walk by, I'm glad I didn't miss out on this spot!
Pedro Bonilla
Great service and amazing food. I had the 18 course option and it was well worth the money. My favorites included the Wagyu + Uni + Ankimo as well as the King Salmon. It was fresh and flavorful. They gave us a brief description of each piece and catered to our food restrictions. It’s a great place to bring a group and have a good time over delicious food.
Rahul K.
had the best omakase experience with a group of friends. their Hokkaido uni is the best of all so creamy and sweet. must try this place
Wenqing Cheung
The chef's selection omakase meal was the best tasting meal I've ever had. The fish melted in your mouth. Every course was incredible. Great experience. I will definitely be back!