About Kaiyo Omakase

Nestled in Long Island City, Kaiyo Omakase is a locally founded and established restaurant that prides itself on providing exceptional hospitality. We are passionate about creating an intimate and cozy dining experience where each guest is treated to a meticulously curated and well-crafted "omakase" meal, prepared by our skilled chefs using the most seasonal, finest, freshest, and highest quality ingredients sourced globally and locally.

Our down-to-earth pricing ensures that guests can savor our culinary delights without breaking the bank. Our guests can take their time to savor every bite of our delicious cuisine without feeling rushed. To enhance your dining experience, we offer complimentary sake with unlimited refills during the weekdays (Sunday thru Thursday) that are on the house. We also provide a variety of beer, sake, sparkling, and wine selection to order on the side.

In addition to our signature omakase course, we also have a fusion and ala carte menu that offers a range of delectable dishes to suit every palate.

Come and visit us today to indulge in our menu items and experience the art of Japanese cuisine at its finest!